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It’s right there in the name, a mark of distinction and importance that only comes with the foundation of wealth and prosperity, the Noble platinum coin. First crafted in 1983 the Isle of Man platinum bullion coin was created to enter this estate into the world of private platinum collecting. 

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€ 1,015.00

  • Weight 1oz

Like the gold Kruggerand, this coin has the distinction of having no face value of denomination, instead, its negotiable value rises and falls with the price of platinum, making it an excellent way of building your personal investments. Combined with its intrinsic value, the beauty of this coin will make it take a place of price in your collection.

A Masterful Investment Platinum Coin

The Isle of Man platinum coins are works of true craftsmanship, bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse side, combined with an inscription stating “Isle of Man”, the year of its minting, and “Elizabeth II” to add clarity to her already unmistakable visage. The reverse side of the coin bears the work of a master engraver, depicting a Viking longship sailing on smooth seas with a billowed sail and surrounded by seagulls, denoting its approach to land, under which is found the engraving “1oz Platinum Fine”, and “One Noble”. This 1 oz coin is 32.7mm in diameter, made of 99.95% fine platinum forged 2.38mm thick.

Isle of Man Coins: A Rare Addition To Your Portfolio

With Isle of Man coins for sale only from 1983 to 1989, obtaining one is the mark of a true collector. Imagine having a piece of numismatic history that can no longer be bought newly printed, and is only available for the distinguished collector who wants to add aesthetic, historical, as well as intrinsic value to their investment portfolio. Since its production by the Pobjoy Mint during those years, it’s never again seen active production.

The Pobjoy Mint: The First Word in Commemorative Coins

The coins printed by the Pobjoy mint are largely considered to be some of the finest collectors coins in the world. They’re known for minting coins that commemorate historical events like the Anniversary of the American Civil Rights Act, or the truly rare Big Ben Shaped coin that was minted though uncirculated in 2016. Having a Pobjoy Mint coin in your collection is truly a mark of distinction and an investor that knows that a diverse and interesting portfolio adds value to their whole collection.

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