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  • It’s the treasure we all dream of, and the foundation of National Reserves like Fort Knox, row after row of gleaming bullion gold bars. What gold collector doesn’t dream of being able to buy gold bars and have them grace his collection, their heft and shape are the very essence of security. Bullion79 offers you to buy these investment gold bars with bitcoin, an opportunity that any wise gold investor would be crazy to pass up. It’s time to upgrade from a simple coin collection, and add to your security with the intrinsic value of bullion gold bars.

  • The Fault And Measure Of Kings

    When you buy gold online, you’re buying into an age old institution that has served as the measure of a nations power. Gold has such power that it has brought entire nations to their knees, and overruled the military might of a King by hiring mercenaries to overcome his army. While such grandiose gestures are hopefully in the days of the past, an investment in gold is still a solid way to secure yourself and your family against the more mundane dangers of the world. Valuable antiques, paintings, and even deeds can be damaged by tornado and flood, but your gold bars will be there when the trouble has passed to help you set yourself back on your feet.

    From Small Investments To Large

    Gold has proven itself to be one of the best bullion investments over the years, routinely retaining its value or recovering it after times of decline. Even better, it has shown itself to climb in value as the economy dips, ensuring your financial security when you need it most. Even better, we carry our bars in values that allows even the entry level investor to get into the gold game by purchasing a single gram of pure bullion gold. For those ready to really take the dive, there’s our “Golden Chocolate Bar”, a bar of 50 1g squares that can be snapped off and traded in a time of need. If that’s a little rich for your blood, then settle for a midpoint by investing in our 1oz Gold investment bar.

    In these increasingly uncertain times, it serves you to take caution and invest in a resource that will retain its value even as national currencies rise and fall. In fact, in uncertain times it is investing in gold that can let you come out ahead while others less prepared falter. Isn’t it time to invest in your future and your families security with a gold bar purchase.

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