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Australia is well known for its abundance of odd creatures, ones that appear nowhere else on Earth and most who have no comparison elsewhere on Earth. It’s little surprise that one of its most recognizable creatures became the inspiration for the Australia Koala Platinum Coin.

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€ 1,015.00

  • Diameter 14.1 mm
  • Weight 31.1 g
  • Thickness 1.32 mm

While the Australian national animal is the Red Kangaroo (and the Emu), it’s impossible to see the Koala and not think of the land down under. Given that it accounts for well over a billion Australian dollars in tourism every year?  We think the little marsupial deserves it.

The Australian Koala Coin: Part Of A Legacy

It was in June of 1987 that the Australian Government decided to join the nations that were releasing their own minted platinum bullion coins with the intent of releasing them into the private market. While other nations would release coins bearing the animals that most closely allied with their nation’s image, only Australia would do so on multiple fronts. Earlier in that year they had released the gold Australian coins, and based on their success they expanded the selection with these silver and platinum koala coins. These have been so successful they now have an entire line of animal coins, including platypus, wombat, echidna, dolphin, and of course the iconic kangaroo.

A Unique Coin Made With Beautiful Artistry

Throughout its run, multiple skilled artists have graced the faces of this coin, with the original being designed by James Brown. On the front of the coin is the face of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, in beautiful detail from the fineness of her features to the delicate lines of the crown. The reverse face is graced with what is easily one of the finest engravings of a Koala to ever grace a coin, and surely serves as a source of Australian pride wherever this 1 Oz coin is seen. The craftsmanship of this 14.1mm platinum coin is beyond question, from the fine lettering on the reverse side to the delicate reeded edge that helps to ensure its authenticity.

For investors in platinum, there really is no better choice than the Australian Platinum Coin. Whether you’re purchasing your coin with bitcoins, or using a national currency, you’ll know that you’re spending it in a way that ensures the security of you and your family well into the future. You’ll also be holding a piece of numismatic history, and a display piece you can be proud of.

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