Platinum bullion coin Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz for bitcoin


The Maple Leaf almost immediately brings one thing to mind, no matter where you’re from, Canada. “The King of Our Forest; … The Symbol of the Canadian People” was a slogan attributed to the Maple tree by the French Canadians during 1834. 

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€ 1,015.00

  • Denomination C$50.00
  • Alloy 999
  • Weight 31.1 g

From there the idea of this tree representing the Canadian people spread, and soon found its way onto the Canadian flag, and their official bullion platinum coin.

An Iconic Investment Coin in Precious Platinum

Platinum is one of the rarest and most precious of metals, and this 30 mm maple leaf coin is one of the most beautiful investment pieces we’ve seen crafted from it. At 99.95% platinum, it’s one of the purest forms of platinum investment available on the market today. Appropriate then that it bears the markings of one of the most respected monarchs of our age, Queen Elizabeth II, and the iconic maple leaf upon its reverse. To make sure your coin is purely authentic and remains unaltered, it has a traditional serrated edge along its 2.62 edge. With this level of purity and craftsmanship, it’s the perfect addition to any numismatists collection, and a wise way to build your investment portfolio.

The Maple Leaf Bullion Coin: A Rise to Prominence

First struck by Junichiro Tanaka, the largest precious metal distributor in Japan, the platinum maple leaf coin quickly became the most sought after platinum coin on the market. Platinum has had an active and profitable trade throughout its history, being used in multiple industries including computing and automotive development. The maple leaf platinum coin is of such popularity, that it was brought back into production again in 2009, and by 2012 it became “the world’s best-selling platinum coin.”

From the Best of Craftsman

Susanna Blunt is a native born Canadian who had the opportunity to display her love of country through this iconic rendering of Queen Elizabeth II. Such is her artistic vision that she touches on multiple mediums and excels at them all, from her trompe l’oeil paintings to the optical illusion room that can be viewed at the Vancouver Science World museum. It was on the back of these accolades that she was selected to be one of the 8 artists competing to create a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, based in part on the work of her portraits. Working from a photograph, she went on to create the iconic image that will be immortalized in these beautiful platinum coins.

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