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While gold is hotly sought after, silver has been the coin that has built empires and was often the coin of the common man. While the doubloons that we speak of were always of gold, it was the piece of eight that pirates sang about, and it was silver that brought the conquistadors to South America, even as they sought the city of gold. So it was that even today that silver coins are the common coin of the collector, especially the beginning collector. They are attractive, obtainable, and just as prone to increasing in value, making them an excellent foundation for any numismatist’s collection.

The Value of Silver Investment Coins

There’s a reason that silver bullion coins are still one of those most hotly traded items in the investors market. It starts with multiplicity and the obtainability of these coins. With a small investment you can have a piece in your collection that will rise with the value in the silver market, and coming at a lower price you can invest in multiple of them at once. That’s why silver coins often come in sleeves of 10 or even 25 coin, investing in multiple moderate value coins means that when the silver market rises, you have multiple pieces that have individually increased in value.

Silver Bullion: Liquidate in Small Measures

Another valuable aspect of Silver Bullion is your ability to liquidate it in small portions when you need to. When you own a 1oz Gold Coin, you can’t liquidate it by measures, even if its value is far in excess of what you need. When you put up your silver coins for sale, you’ll be able to liquidate like you invest, in smaller portions relative to your need, and your ability. If you’ve made the leap to a non-national currency, you can even sell and buy silver coins with bitcoins, turning your globally valuable investment into globally valuable currency.

Ways To Invest In Silver

We provide multiple ways to invest in silver, from our Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin, Philharmonic Coin, and American Eagle Coin sold individually, to the sleeves of 25 available for the serious investor. Bullion79 provides you with the opportunity to start building your economic security on the back of physical silver, one of the most reliable bullion coin investments you can make. So what are you waiting for? Expand your portfolio today with the power of pure silver, and stabilize your investment for your families future.