Gold bullion coin Vienna Philharmonic 1/2 oz with bitcoin

Gold bullion coin Vienna Philharmonic 1/2 oz with bitcoin

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Each style of coin has its own history, and a journey it made to getting crafted into that blending piece of art-cum-investment. When a coin is being designed, certain decisions are made to create a unique and beautiful dedication to an organization or piece of cultural history that is worthy of being cast in the purest gold.

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Denomination 50 EUR
Diameter 28.00 mm
Alloy 999.9 Au
Weight 15.55 g
Country Austria
Thickness 1.60 mm

The coin commemorating the Vienna Philharmonic Coin is no different, honoring the creation of the orchestra in the 1800’s, and everything it and its skilled musicians have brought to Austria, and the world. This piece of fine art is a wonderful addition to your collection, and a meaningful investment to your family’s future.

Not Just Another Coin

No other coin in the world has been designed to commemorate the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, nor has any other bullion coin currently in production been stamped with Euro denominations. A stunning example of the coin craftsman’s art, it bears a fantastically detailed bas relief of the iconic Musikverein Golden Hall on the front, with the back showing the delicacy of the orchestral instruments rendered by Thomas Pesendorfer, the Chief Engraver of the Austrian Mint at the time of its creation. Weighing in a respectable ½ Oz, it is created only from 99.999% gold bullion, measuring 28mm in diameter with a delicate reeded edge marking its 1.6mm thickness. Adding this to your coin collection will leave you as the curator of a beautiful piece of musical and numismatic history.

A Master Craftsman

Mr. Pesendorfer has a highly respected reputation amongst the world of Master Engravers, and in his time as the Chief Engraver of the Austrian mint has been responsible for building the respect and prestige accorded to the mint in the eyes of its contemporaries. The Vienna Philharmonic Coin was just one of his coins that won an award for its excellence, and has served as one of the many keystones of the work that led the mint to be respected as a world leader in coin design. Few other artists create work as delicate, as beautiful, and as meaningful as the engravings created by him, and the pride will be yours as you display it to friends and family.

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Established in 1842, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the most highly respected musical organizations in the world. The very definition of excellence in the world of orchestra and ballet, the VPO calls the Musikverein Golden Hall in Vienna, Austria its home. There is a three year process that a musician must go through before even being able to apply to join its august members, and a place on it is often the capstone of a musician’s life work, the absolute pinnacle of achievement. Just like this coin.


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