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Spot prices

Gold Spot: € 1837.39

Gold OZ / BTC: 0.0722

Silver Spot: € 21.46

Silver OZ / BTC: 0.0008

BTC Spot: € 25462.1

Last update: 2023-03-26 08:45:04

Be advised that base currency on is EUR. All prices presented in BTC are only estimation.
Final BTC price is calculated on our payment processor side (CoinGate).

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Buy gold and silver bullion coins or bars with bitcoin


How Long Does It Take For Delivery?

As indicated in our helpful infographic below, it takes between 2 and 3 weeks for an order made with us to arrive on your doorstep once payment has been received.

How do you ship purchased items?

For smaller purchases of just a few coins or an investment gold bar we use UPS, insured up to 1000 EUR. For customers looking to make a larger investment in their precious metal portfolio, we recommend using Brinks, a partner of UPS that has a reputation for iron-clad security, and is fully insured up to the value of the shipment.

Do you accept PayPal or Credit Cards?

While we make every effort to make your purchases as convenient as possible, we have seen and experienced far too much fraud with these two forms of exchange, and regretfully have had to decide to forgo their use. Additionally, the cost of these services is prohibitively expensive, and impacts our ability to offer competitive prices.

Can I sell back bullion purchased on your site?

Absolutely, we believe in the power and lasting value of gold and thus are happy to help you liquidate your investment at any time at a rate of 97% of the spot price.

What about bullion purchased elsewhere?

We’ll happily accept gold from any provider at the rates indicated above, we strive to be your full service precious metals partner.

How do I know my transaction information is secure?

We take all necessary precautions to ensure that your private information is protected and your transactions are secure. It starts with protecting them with SSL, and having third party testing done to ensure the security of our site.

What is your return policy?

Due to the volatility of the precious metals market, we cannot accept returns. However, as mentioned above, we’re happy to buy them back from you at 97% of the spot price.

Do I have to pay customs duty?

So long as you are located within the UE or US, you’re purchases are duty free.

Does your price include VAT?

For gold and silver products there is a 0% VAT when purchased from our site. Platinum products do have a VAT, but it only applies on the portion of the sale that is our profit margin.

Do you offer new or used items?

Bullion products are constantly in motion, much like banknotes move throughout the economy. While the products you receive may in fact be used, we guarantee them to be in mint condition.

Will I receive a certificate with my purchase?

Unfortunately the producers of investment grade coins, typically national mints, don’t provide certificates with them. Understandable when you consider that there are tens of millions of these coins produced a year. If you require a certificate for your investment, then we suggest purchasing our bars, the packaging itself is in fact a template, and each is stamped with an individual serial number.

May I pick up my purchases in person?

To maintain our competitive pricing we took steps to reduce overhead as much as possible, one of those steps was to not maintain a storefront or staff to man it, so our products are only available by post.

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Latest news

We are moving to Germany

I am pleased to inform you that the headquarters of our company has been moved from Poland to Germany.

New payment processor = altcoins & new, lower prices

We just have changed our payment processor. For our customers that means 5% lower prices and option to pay with altcoins.

Reasons for gold

The reasons to exchange your bitcoin to gold are here:

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