How stable is Bitcoin, why does BTC fluctuate, what affects its price and what can you do about it?

After the 2008 market crash exposed the vulnerabilities and corruption of the financial system, there were people dreaming of an alternative. Some turned these dreams into reality – that’s how Bitcoin came to be. A fully digital currency that would allow for anonymous value transfers, unbound to central banking, a pirate of sorts, drifting away from conventional currencies. Now, a

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Don’t know what to do with your Bitcoin? Exchange it for precious metals! TOP 4 reasons to do so

Bitcoin has been making strides across media, but few, apart from the people deep into the topic, know exactly how it operates. Since its birth in 2009, it made headlines numerous times, garnering plenty of supporters and opponents, and experiencing several major price drops and increases. With its future being rather blurry after the infamous 2018 plummeting of prices, it

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Buying gold with Bitcoin the safe way – how to do it step by step?

In some ways, Bitcoin is akin to gold and is even called digital gold by some people. Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, it has had a rather tumultuous journey over the past ten years. Although initially, it couldn’t make much of a mark, it witnessed a revival between 2016 and 2017, which rocked the very foundations of investment

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Bitcoin vs gold in 2019: how do they compare?

To say that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become a buzzword in media over the last several years would be to say nothing. They have completely taken the world by storm in an attempt to redefine the way we relate to money. Bitcoin and other related currencies (more than 4000 of them!) have already made plenty of millionaires and gave rise

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